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Tornado In NH

Eleven towns in New Hampshire were hit by a tornado last week with winds of up to 111 to 135 mph.  200 homes were damaged. One person was killed. This took place about 40 miles south of where I live.

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A New Shakedown?

Newsweek is claiming that debt collectors are resorting to new tactics to collect money because of the poor economy. The debt collection industry is NOT booming according to Rozanne Andersen of ACA International, and she thinks that the number will … Continue reading

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Protect your Business from Economic Turmoil

Great article about how businesses can protect themselves during this economic crisis.

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6 Ways to save Money Quickly

Many times when we find ourselves in debt, we panic and don’t know how we are going to come up with more money to pay bills without getting a second job.  Here are 6 things you can do to save … Continue reading

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Collection Agency Secrets EXPOSED!

I recently bought a book titled Collection Agency Secrets EXPOSED! Information they don’t want you to know by Edward H. Lewis.  It is exactly what it says it is, actual training materials used at collection agencies. Edward Lewis is straight … Continue reading

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Interview with Bethellen Keefe

Bethellen has been a member of my Credit & Collections Association for many years.   I am happy to share this interview with you about her experiences in the debt collection industry.  Bethellen is the owner of Alpine-BAK Collections Inc. & … Continue reading

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Credit help during an economic crisis

I was in New York and did a video interview with Women for Hire. I met some great people and had great results with the video. Over 100,000 businesses have slow or non-paying customers. With the credit crisis taking over our … Continue reading

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Are Hosted Dialers better?

Last week I had the opportunity to speak to the folks at LiveVox, a company I had never heard of but had found through a press release on the internet.  Turns out that LiveVox is the first provider of hosted … Continue reading

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AutoRek Debt Collection Software

Has anyone ever heard of or used AutoRek Debt Collection Software for debt collection purposes? I had never heard of this software and wondered how it compared to the others out there.  This is what they say that they can … Continue reading

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More about Online Collections

Yesterday I wrote about Online collections becoming more popular and today I ran across a press release for“Online Payment, Debt Collection & Customer Service with a new web based invention“  by Access. I have never used this but thought this … Continue reading

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