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Collecting Debts can save your business U.S. News & World Report

On page 113 of the issue on stands now of U.S. News & World Report is an article called “Collecting Debts can Save Your Business”, a follow up article to a couple of weeks ago.  If anyone gets this magazine, … Continue reading

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What is a Credit Department?

Michelle, Hi! I’d like to ask a few questions. 1. What are the responsibilities of the credit and collection department? 2. What roles do the line and staff people play? Joshua Hi Joshua, Credit managers are in high demand right … Continue reading

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Establishing Credit for your Business

Dear Michelle, What is the most expeditious way to establish business credit without the need for a personal guarantee? Thank you! Eric Dear Eric, You should apply for credit under your business name with vendors you are currently working with … Continue reading

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Debt Collector Scrutiny – be educated!

The Better Business Bureau in CT has had an increase in complaints against what they are calling “rogue debt collectors.” As Americans struggle to cope with rising debt loads, complaints to Better Business Bureaus about some debt collection practices increased … Continue reading

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5 warning signs you need to increase your collection efforts

When you are calling debtors day in and day out, you learn a lot about them.  Many debtors share many personal stories with bill collectors, trying to explain their situation or looking for mercy in the way of payment plans … Continue reading

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