The most successful collectors help their debtors

With the economy still a mess and many consumers still struggling there are some things bill collectors can do to help debtors pay off any debts without causing to much stress.  I recently heard of a company called A New Horizon Credit Counseling Service that caters to collection agencies.  I have never used them but did speak to the owner and they have been in business almost 15 years, since 1978 and are a non-profit company.

For Collection Agencies, they offer a program that will not only help in resolving a debtors past due amounts, but will assist an agency with a comprehensive array of financial solution services that include Credit Counseling, Financial Literacy, Budget Management and Debt Management.

Have you ever tried using a service like this to help your debtors, what was your experience?

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  1. Thanks for posting Michelle – We think this is a unique opportunity to turn non performing debt into performing debt. We are working closely with Creditors International who is the credit-specific division of ACA International.
    The question I get asked most is how does the program work and is this fully compliant with FDCA. The answer is YES and I’ll be glad to answer any questions from the collection community!
    Thank you again for your BLOG and for providing this forum as you are the GURU of COLLECTIONS.

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