My Client Won't pay!

Dear Michelle,

I have a client who paid me half of my fee in a timely way. But the second half, $5,000, is now several months late. I have a signed Letter of Agreement from her. I even offered for her to pay in installments. I have called, emailed.. Each time she says, I’m sending you a check this week, but it doesn’t happen. She lives in a different state (I am in NJ, she is in Indiana). What do I do now?


Go to the post office and get one of the red, white and blue priority mail flat rate envelopes.  Type up a collection notice to the customer, very short & to the point, telling her the balance due, what date you must receive this payment by and what you plan to do if you don’t have the payment by that date.  Be very specific by listing the amount, the exact date and what you will do.

Things you can do would be take her to court, report the debt to her credit report or to the Better Business Bureau, or place her with a collection agency.  Send the envelope with delivery confirmation.

This works 97% of the time.  Please let me know how you make out!

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  1. Greg sandoval says:

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