Understanding Collection Agencies

Many people think collection agencies are out there just trying to make a buck at a consumers expense.  A Collection agency is a service business, just like a dry cleaner.  A business hires a collection agency when they don’t get paid, and expects them to collect and send them the money.

When I started my collection agency I wasn’t thinking about how I could squeeze money out of people with no money so that I could have more money.  I started my agency because I had worked as an accounts receivable clerk and as a credit manager for many years and had experience in this field.  I started my agency so I could have flexibility with my work schedule in order to be there for my children.  Of course I hoped I would make money doing this, but it didn’t ever cross my mind that I would make loads of money by harassing people or yelling at them or by breaking laws.  I hadn’t done that as a credit manager and didn’t plan to do that as an agency owner.

Because of the feelings many consumers have about debt it is easy for them and the media to blame or be angry at whoever is asking them to pay their bills.  When someone owes you money and you have to call them or visit them to try and get paid, how does that make you feel?  Is it justifiable for the person who owes you the money to be angry at you and yell and swear at you as well as not paying you?  You did them a favor by offering them credit and now because you want to be paid back – you are the bad guy.


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