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18 Responses to Welcome to Michelle Dunn’s Credit & Collections blog!

  1. nancy norris says:

    I would like to join your Credit and Collections Association

  2. Michelle Dunn says:

    Hi Nancy,
    You can easily join the discussion group through yahoogroups, the group is called Credit and Collections – looking forward to seeing you there!

  3. will says:

    Hi, I’m interested in starting a collection agency in Virginia. Could you help me with some information on getting started.

  4. Michelle Dunn says:

    Will, check out my book “Starting a Collection Agency, how to make money collecting money” as well as this blog, other industry blogs and discussion groups. Join networking groups, and ask questions, to learn from others who have done this. You can join my discussion group by going here: http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/creditandcollections/join
    Join my Starting a Collection Agency group on LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Starting-Collection-Agency-2320092?trk=myg_ugrp_ovr

  5. Adam Arrigoni says:

    Hi Michelle,

    I started reading your book and had a question about collections in the trucking industry. I have been a freight broker for many years, and owned my own company. I recently had 3 different customers go out of business, for a huge sum of money (I am now out of business.)

    After going thru this process I would like to start my own agency and help other trucking companies collect. I wondered how much more difficult it is to collect from other businesses who switch names, file bankruptcy, or just close their doors as opposed to going after consumers.

    I know in this industry when a shipper has paid the broker, but the broker has not paid the actual truck doing the work, the law says you can go after the shipper for the payment. Is this going to involve too much legal work for a startup business?


    • Michelle Dunn says:

      I myself don’t have experience in collecting on trucking companies or for trucking companies. When you say “I know in this industry when a shipper has paid the broker, but the broker has not paid the actual truck doing the work, the law says you can go after the shipper for the payment. Is this going to involve too much legal work for a startup business?” – I have not ever worked for a trucking company so I am not well versed on how that industry works. I would suggest you talk with other trucker companies, credit managers and/or specialized collectors that may collect on this type of debt. One thing I do know is that if you open a specialized collection agency for trucking companies you will probably do very well. Specialized agencies tend to do better than agencies that will collect anything.

  6. Jennifer says:

    Hi Michelle,

    I was wondering how I can get a hard copy of the new Credit Policy Workbook?

  7. Shirley West says:

    hello my name is Shirley I have started a collections company I have bought debt from a company and I didnt even make 1000.00 out of that portfolio can you tell me what i did wrong. what do I need to do to start my Business we have the basic equipment like computers,excel,fax,1800#, website etc how can we find the debt we need to collect I have 6 years of experience Ive collected on credit cards and also payday loans I am really good at what I do. I really wanna stay on collecting payday loans can you please let me know what i should do to get my business up and running I NEED HELP and i need a tutor if possible! what resources do I need to push my Business

    • Michelle Dunn says:

      Are you only working debt you purchase or also on a contingency basis? You say that you started a collections company but then you go on to ask me what do I need to do to start my business – have you started your business or are you starting it now? If I can help you with any consulting please let me know.

  8. Hello. I wanted to send you an email but couldn’t find an email address, so I apologize for using this form.

    I have a collection letter mailing service that I think would help small businesses save money BEFORE they have to write off the debt or pay a high commission to a collection agency. The Your Collection Department product is a cost effective and automated system to send out letters to debtors at an EARLY stage of their delinquency, before the debt goes cold. I was wondering if you would accept any banner ads on your website, I would love to be able to offer this service to your readers. My websites are at http://www.yourcollectiondepartment.tk and http://www.collectionsmadeeasier.com
    Gene Martinez
    Your Collection Department
    Minnehaha Judgment Recovery
    2136 Ford Parkway, Suite 212
    Saint Paul, MN 55114

  9. lisa says:

    i bought a car from a small company and they dont report but he told me he would report me to credit for having paid it off on time and in a tinely manner if I gave him the info. I have looked all over, how does a business report someone for paying on time?? All I keep finding is stuff for people who are late. I need him to report me as this will help my credit due to bankruptcy. Please advise or direct me. Google and other search engines are not giving me what I require.

    • Michelle Dunn says:

      Any company that reports to the credit bureaus has the capability to report good and bad debt. If you are a business owner and report to the credit bureaus, you report good debt the same way you report bad debt.

  10. Preston says:


    I have recently purchased your book “Starting a Collection Agency, How to Make Money Collecting Money” and have thoroughly enjoyed reading it, it was very well written.

    I would like to get in touch with you regarding the consulting aspect of your services. Is there a way to do this outside of this blog?

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